The Modern Practice As you know, the cloud is here and it’s ready for you now. Why else would you be using Xero? To make the most of the benefits of cloud computing you need to take all of your applications off the server so you don’t need to keep purchasing expensive infrastructure. This includes email and your files. Most accounting practices have already moved all of their business applications to the cloud and only have email and files to go. Many have regarded file management in the cloud as the hard part but with SuiteFiles and the Modern Practice it couldn’t be easier.
The Best of Microsoft Microsoft is the gold standard for office productivity solutions. With the Office 365 cloud platform accounting practices can now take advantage of always up to date and available email and file management systems. Your critical client data is available to you from any device with an Internet connection. You can also get your favourite desktop Office applications on a downloadable subscription that's always updated for you. With Microsoft Office 365 you can work on your documents using a web browser or you can use the familiar desktop Office, the choice is yours depending on how you want to work.
Simple Migration Change can be daunting, especially in the world of technology. It often seems easier to keep going with systems that aren’t the best than to change to something better. We have a set of tools that automate the whole migration process and remove the need for human intervention. Our email migration tools literally do everything required to set up Outlook on a Windows based computer. The SuiteMoves file migration tool can easily copy your existing file system into the cloud – it’s a simple click, drag and click process. The whole migration is process is fast and you can be running in the cloud in next to no time.
Managing Your Files SuiteFiles is the easiest way to manage you files with Office 365. The browser app lets users easily find all their files, create new documents from templates and ensure that only the right people can access your documents. And our integration with Xero’s Practice Manager means that you can directly access all of your client documents saved in SuiteFiles through the Practice Manager user interface. Do you have a number of standard templates that you use all the time? And do these need client information put into them? If so you can tailor the template to prepopulate with data out of the Practice Manager when creating a new document saving you time and reducing errors as the data is coming from your business’s source of client data.
Email With Your Files One of the key requirements for accountants is to be able to file emails with their clients’ documents. This is easily achieved using the SuiteFiles for Outlook plugin to drag and drop emails into SuiteFiles, availble on The Full Suite and The Full Suite Pro plans. Now you can keep all client information in one place and search over it. And with SuiteFiles you can view you email files through the web browser or the SuiteReader mobile app. All other systems mean you’d need to have Outlook available to read these filed emails but not with SuiteFiles.
Files On The Go If you need to access your files while you’re out and about the SuiteReader app for iPhone and iPad is what you need. This app syncs your most relevant Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and markdown files along with the email messages you've saved into SuiteFiles and allows you to read them directly on your iPhone or iPad. And if you're connected online you can also search for and download any other file in SuiteFiles or email a file to the appropriate person.
Get the GiST logoContent The ultimate in productivity for your accounting practice - you can easily access best of breed content for your business directly through the SuiteFiles system. Our launch partner GiST has prepared 12 modules of accounting compliance content - the processes you need to follow and document templates required to take your practice to the next level. And all of the templates in the content can be prepopulated with your client information directly from Xero’s Practice Manager.