File Management with
SuiteFiles Web
SuiteFiles makes file management in the cloud easy and efficient. This full featured document management system works in any browser, and allows you to access your files no matter where you are. Maintain control over your business documents through user permissions, ensuring that only the right people can access your files. Increase your team's productivity through document templates and easy collaboration with other staff. Documents can also be prepopulated with client information straight from the Xero Practice Manager (or WorkflowMax).
Organise your emails with
SuiteFiles Outlook
This elegantly designed plug-in for SuiteFiles sits in your Outlook window, allowing you to work out of a single workspace if you so desire. File emails straight into client folders in SuiteFiles with a simple drag/drop action, or attach SuiteFiles documents to emails with a few quick clicks. Having everything stored in one location in SuiteFiles means you can quickly search over all your content, documents and emails, from the same place. Easily cut down time spent on admin tasks and everyday communications with email templates that can be shared with your whole team. You can even prepopulate these templates with information from the Xero Practice Manager.
Files on the go with
SuiteFiles iOS
With this simple iOS app for SuiteFiles, you'll never have to be without your most important documents when you're out of the office. Going to a meeting or commuting on the train, you can quickly search through and view your documents in SuiteFiles. A simple swipe down action with an internet connection will sync the app with your most recently viewed files. You can even preview large PowerPoint files - great for those meetings on the go. See something you want to share with the team or to file away for later? Take a photo of it through the app and have it stored straight into SuiteFiles where any member of your staff can view it.
Great integration with
Xero Practice Manager
Enjoy two-way integration between SuiteFiles and the Xero Practice Manager. Create new client folders in XPM and see them automagically appear in SuiteFiles, complete with any documents you've already stored in that folder. The same goes for SuiteFiles! Make it there and see it appear in XPM. Because SuiteFiles talks to XPM and vice versa, you can also pull any information from XPM and use it to prepopulate custom fields in a SuiteFiles document template. It really couldn't be easier to save time when filling in client details or other key data.
Manage your business content
with SuiteGenerator
The ultimate in productivity for your accounting practice - with SuiteGenerator you can get best of breed content for your business from industry experts, including templates and business process documents. Even better, all templates can be prepopulated with data from the Xero Practice Manager! Take your business to the next level by using SuiteGenerator as your business' personal content store. Create templates and process documents for your team and use SuiteGenerator to share it.
Compliance and peace of mind
with SuiteBackups
Having your business in the cloud is a great first step when insuring your business against disaster. But there are important reasons why you should still backup your online data. SuiteBackups is built to make restoring your SharePoint Online information incredibly simple. Every backup acts as a 'snapshot' of your file system, so you can restore documents or folders from any point in time. Daily 'snapshots' are great for meeting important compliance standards, which require businesses to retain key business data for several years, especially financial records. Beautifully designed, SuiteBackups will get you on the road to peace of mind in no time.