Today Suite released integration with Xero's Practice Manager providing the only way to intergarte Xero with Microsoft's Office 365. Here's how you connect SuiteFiles to the Practice Manager.

Step 1. Connecting Practice Manager to SuiteFiles

To connect Practice Manager to SuiteFiles you need to do the following:

  1. Login to Practice Manager and ensure that you have administration rights to the system,
  2. Before you continue to the other steps, you may need to create a new client link. To do this, go to the Business menu tab and select Settings. On the next page, select Custom Fields.
  3. Screenshot showing the document management menu in WorkflowMax Screenshot showing the settings menu in WorkflowMax

    Click on New Custom Field.

    Screenshot showing Custom Fields pages

    Ignore the other fields and go to the Custom Field Types section. Next to Contact Link, click Select.

    Screenshot showing how to create a new client link

    Give it a name and enter the following URL in the Link section -{ID}&tab=documents. Tick the box that says Client and click Save.

    Screenshot showing create a new custome field form You have now created a new client link. Read on to continue your integration setup.
  4. Now that you have set up a new client link, navigate back to the Settings menu and click on Document Management. Now click the Enable button beside the Suite logo,
  5. Screenshot showing for to enable SuiteFiles integration in WorkflowMax
  6. You will now be asked to enter the URL for your SuiteFiles site. Don't forget to start with "https://". If you don't know this URL simply login to SuiteFiles and check the URL, it takes the form "",
  7. Screenshot showing how to enter your SharePoint site collection url, to configure WorkflowMax integration with SuiteFiles
  8. If you haven't already logged in to SuiteFiles or Office 365 in your current browser you'll be asked to enter you login credentials,
  9. Screenshot showing how to enter your credentials into SuiteFiles, to set up integration with WorkflowMax
  10. You'll now be asked if you trust this connection; to make it work you need to click the Trust It button,
Screenshot showing how to make sure that SuiteFiles trusts the current WorkflowMax user You have now enabled full integration between SuiteFiles and Xero's Practice Manager!

Step 2. Seeing Your Files

Now that you've connected the two system you'll want to see your client documents stored in SuiteFiles inside of Practice Manager. Simply select a client or prospect and click on Client Documents at the bottom of the page. If there is a client folder in SuiteFiles with the same name as the client in Practice Manager and it has files in it then you will see them in the Practice Manager (NB: in SuiteFiles all client and prospect files are stored in the Clients folder).

Screenshot showing your SuiteFiles documents from within the WorkflowMax application

These are the documents that are saved in SuiteFiles.

Screenshot showing documents in SuiteFiles, which have been uploaded from WorkflowMax

If you have a client or prospect in Practice Manager that is new or doesn't have a folder in SuiteFiles then uploading a document through Practice Manager will create the folder in SuiteFiles and save the document there.

Also, it often happens that the client name in Practice Manager is slightly different to the name used in SuiteFiles. In this instance click on here in "Click here to change the SuiteFiles folder where documents are stored for this client." to select the folder where documents will be saved for that client.

Screenshot showing how to associate a WorkflowMax client with a specific folder in SuiteFiles

With this integration it's now easier than ever to access all of the client documents you need no matter which system you're working in.